About Us

Welcome to The Moustache and the Muse:

aka Michael Tromans and Fay Tromans-Wales.

About us…

We’re a Husband and Wife creative team who started trading roughly 2012 very much as a hobby business part time. With a passion for Arts, Dramatics/Theatre (including backstage work), Dance, Costume, Re-Enactment, Steampunk, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, Fantasy and Festival; a partnership was born having both studied Art & Design Foundation Level (Fay at the Bourneville College of Visual Arts).  Michael is currently a Professional driver in the day and Fay has worked in Youth, Community and Children’s work the past 17 years.  We are both keen to keep Art and Entertainment a focus in our lives and bring this through The Moustache and The Muse. 

Our products are a reflection of our creativity and all the things we love, we trade at events, in a craft shop and online. We are always willing to discuss individual commissions if you have ideas, please get in touch.

Shop Team


The Store and services are predominantly provided by Husband / Wife Team: Michael Tromans & Fay Wales

We do however have a few contributors to our site/shop I also want to mention here and class them as our team.  (They are not paid to work for us, we are a sole trading company, we have welcomed them as third party sellers) they make beautiful items and contributions that we advertise on their behalf.  Each of these beautiful people compliment our existing range. 


These items come from Rob Balding and Lisa Murphy – Former traders of company Dark Age Jewellery (DAJ – some silver items are hallmarked to them).

Fay’s Mom Carole Wales who has developed fab skills in sewing; and has started making small items for us to sell for her including fabulous bags with quirky patterned fabric.

I need to mention a wonderful friend of ours whom is a web developer, IT Guru, Boss man and food and wine connoisseur: Andy Calloway – who helped set up this website and gives his invaluable time and knowledge to our IT needs.


We have a lot of love and support from friends and family:

Special thanks to Carole & Stuart (Mom & Dad) Kelly-Anne & Jan (Sis and Bro-In-Law),

and our amazing friends Adam, Rhi & Maisie, and David & Julia (for your encouragement and smiley faces).

Also thanks to the wonderful creative communities around us; Re-enactment groups, backstage and theatre crew, steampunk community, local artists and craft shops including The Craft House where we have a shelf displaying our products, and finally dance groups we have been part of.  We thank you all for believing in us and continuing to support us always.

Remember even if you don’t wish to buy, you can support us small businesses through sharing our products with others, let people know our name, direct them to our shop and services and engage in conversations on social media.  Thanks everyone xxx

 Website Small Business Suggestions:

 As this page develops, I also want to highlight other small businesses I support and want to share with others including;

Kelly-Anne Addams-Fielding Avon Beauties – www.avon.uk.com/store/ka-beauties – for all your beauty needs.

Adam Hatfield – Primary History Workshops – www.primaryhistoryworkshops.com – KS2 Workshops for most periods of history including; Stone Age, Viking/Saxon, Medieval,  Tudor, WW2.