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Henna, Glitter Tattoos & Face Painting

Welcome to Fairyfay Designs Body Art Services.

We have now merged our body art services website with our creative arts and gifts site as The Moustache and the Muse, including Fairyfay Designs.  We are a sole trading company based in Dudley; West Midlands.  

My name is Fay and I love being creative and artistic, so this is my creative element as the henna artist/face painter with support from my wonderful husband Michael.  Hence we are The Moustache and the muse, but also Fairyfay Designs as I (Fay) undertake the body art side of the business.

I have experience of working with children and young people with SEND 0-25 as well as adults.

I am fully insured with Public Liability Insurance through Salon Gold

I’m qualified with Diploma’s in Henna Tattoo’s, Hopi Ear Candles, Indian Head Massage, NVQ in Foundation Art & Design and have undertaken face painting courses to develop my skills.

I’m available for Festivals, Fete’s, Parties, Hafla’s, Baby Showers, Christenings, Bridal Henna, Individuals and family groups.  Please see below for detailed information on services and gallery images.

Henna, Glitter Tattoos and Face Painting

Henna Mehndi Body Art Tattoos

Henna parties can be booked and price quotations available on request (to include material product costs, travel to location and time).  Please make a request with at least 2 weeks notice to check our availability and also as the Henna is always made fresh and takes time to produce well.  The service is no longer being offered to individual clients unless there is a guaranteed minimum spend of £35.  Booking are preferable for Birthday parties, Bridal Henna, Haflas, Baby Showers (Baby Bumps) and Festivals/Fates/Events.  Services can be booked per hour, where we aim to complete as many tattoos on as many people as we can within the time frame booked.

Henna should not be applied to children under the age of 5 due to any risk of allergies and children do not tend to sit still long enough for the design to dry.  A paste is applied using a plastic henna cone and will stain anything it touches, so if smudged, it will dry in the shape of the smudge. It will also stain clothing and upholstery if caught before properly dried.

Henna involves the following ingredients: Henna Powder from leaf, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Essential oils: Lavendar, Cajeput and Eucalyptus).  If the person having Henna is pregnant please or has very high blood pressure please advise in advance and Lavendar oil only would be used.

Henna stain starts off orange and develops to a darker chestnut brown colour, it will achieve the peak colour and depth up to 48 hours after initial application.  If looked after properly Henna stains can last 2-3 weeks, frequent washing / washing up / swimming will remove the stain very quickly.

To preserve the stain colour as long as possible, after application and the design has dried, you can apply a small amount of a solution of sugar and lemon juice.  This keeps the henna moist to continue to release the dye.  Once the design is dry, cover with micropore and a bandage to hold everything in place and leave on the skin as long as possible (usually overnight).  The following day remove the bandage and tape and you can flake any dried excess paste off the skin.  DO NOT WASH THE SKIN at this point, as this will affect the stain colour outcome.

It is best to apply Vaseline / barrier cream to the design prior to bathing, showering, and patting dry the design to preserve the colour as long as possible.

Glitter Tattoos & Bling Bar/Festival Glitter

Glitter tattoos are applied using a stencil laid on the skin with a sticky back adhesive (Please be aware can tug a little on hairs). A non toxic body safe glue is then applied followed by beauty grade non toxic glitter.  Prices depend on size of design used but range from £2 – £5.  Ideal for events and inexpensive.

Bling bar can include a small amount of face paint to enhance the design, Bling Accents are handmade using medical grade adhesive tape and non-toxic glue.  The bling is made up of gems, sequins and embellishments.  Glitter is suitable for the face and is chunky festival glitter.  We welcome males and females and do a great line in Beard decoration. (Ask Mr Moustache)!

Not advised to children under the age of 3 due to potential allergies.

Please take care of the glitter tattoos by only patting dry after washing, do not scrub at the skin as it will rub off the design and may cause some soreness due to the abrasive nature of glitter.

To remove a glitter tattoo if desired earlier than it wearing off naturally, please use baby oil and baby wipes, to very gently peel away the adhesive and rub off the design.

Face Painting

A range of face paints that are non toxic and hypoallergenic are used including:

  • Snazaroo

  • TAG

  • Diamond FX

A small variety of designs would be available, and range from full face to partial so paint does not need to be applied to eyes or mouth.  Not advised on children under 3.  Once applied the face painter has no further control over the image if the child wipes/smears the paint.  The paint takes a few minutes to dry fully and can last many hours with care.

Face painting only available to book for events/parties.  Can be charged per hour or per face.  Painting ranges from 5-10 minutes per design depending on the complexity and how well the client sits.

Designs may also be applied using stencils, brushes, sponges, sticky gems and face glitter (None toxic adhesive) to adorn the design.

Face paints are easily removed with soap and water or baby wipes.


We would NEVER apply tattoos / face paints to a child without BOTH the Parent/Guardian and Child’s permission for under 14’s.  If children really do not want a design applied, it is not right to force the parents decision on them.  Over 14 a young person can be assessed as competent to make their own decisions.