• Polyhedral Dice Set including:
  • D20, D12, D10. D8, D6, D4, D%
  • Acrylic
  • Silver coloured Metal Alloy
  • Fimo

Dungeons and Dragons Inspired D20 Polyhedral Set of Dice Glass Charms D&D (Seconds set) 1 Dice repaired


Perfect for a D&D Dungeons and Dragons group that love to meet and play regularly.

Get confused in a group whose drink is whose? Put around Tankard Handles, Mead Glasses and Bottle Necks to know whose glass is whose.

Perfect for a DM Dungeon Master and 6 Players.

One dice was damaged when drilled, so repaired with Fimo.  Not overly noticeably, but price reduced to reflect imperfection.

Made from Mini Polyhedral Dice including D20, (D% 00-90), D12, D10, D8, D6, D4

Ideal gift for Birthday, Christmas or the DM who has it all. Glass seed beads, acrylic dice and silver alloy ring and post.

If you would like a set in any other colour, please get in touch and I can make to order.


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