Just in case you lovely folks don’t know who we are, we thought we would introduce ourselves again. We are The Moustache and the Muse: The Moustache, for obvious visual  reasons aka Michael Tromans and The Muse, the creator of things aka Fay Tromans-Wales; we are a husband-and-wife duo sharing a love for all things artistic and creative. Welcome to our weird and whacky wonderland of writings, also known as The Moustache Musings!



Based in Dudley, West Midlands, we currently sell online via our website www.themoustacheandthemuse.com as well as through Etsy and in person at fayres / festivals and markets when the right ones come along that fit for us, so let us know of any in the West Midlands you think might be suitable.

We have a presence through Social Media on Instagram and Facebook.



www.Youtube.com (themoustacheandthemuse)

Twitch (themoustacheandthemuse) – Coming soon hopefully, stay tuned.

Future Goals

Through this blog, social media and the items we sell, we hope to inspire others and share our many adventures, knowledge and ideas. We focus on alternative styles so ideal for; Re-enactors, Steampunk Stylers, Artists, Dancers, Theatre Lovers, Dungeons & Dragons Players and DMs, Geeks, Halloween / Gothic Macabre enthusiasts, Cosplayers, Hippies, Festival Goers and pretty much anyone who likes curiosities, curios, craft and peculiarities.

If you belong to one of those groups, you’re in the right place… and if you’re not, then buckle up and welcome to some madness. We hope to share ideas, DIY crafts, events/experiences and reviews. Just to note we can get side tracked with creative or random ventures (Michael does some awesome video/music edits and sketches, we also both like silly and bizarre). In the future there may be Vlogs if Fay ever plucks up the courage to be on camera rather than behind one!

We want to inspire and contribute to the community of crazy individuals like us. The Moustache and The Muse, represents us as a couple, our lifestyle and interests. The Muses in our life, of which we hope you will also be to us, and us to you!

This business would have never developed to be what it is, without the amazing support from our family and friends. They have helped create events into experiences, we’ve formed family through friendships, they have shared knowledge and ideas, embraced our unique approaches to hosting parties and dressing uniquely wherever possible. Our friends and family have generally influenced who we are as individuals as well as the services we offer and products we sell. Throughout the blogs, with their permission, I would love to share some of our friends small businesses, their services and pictures, so you may support and enjoy their talents and interests also.

We currently offer: Art 3D sculpture, and 2D Illustrations which may be available on merchandise such as stickers, bookmarks, clothing etc; Fay loves Happy Planner products so makes her own alternative versions where she can. We dabble in Quirky Jewellery, Alternative Greetings Cards and Personalised Vinyl Items as well as Photography prints and Costume Accessories inspired by all the creative things we love. Originally Fay ran a business called Fairyfay Designs, which has been absorbed into The Moustache and the Muse as a single business delivering services in Body Art (including Henna, Glitter Tattoos and Face Paint).

We have been told by many people we are strange, a quirky couple, not like others that they know! That we are confident, crazy extroverts and that we encourage each other (totally true by the way lol). It’s said that we have strange ideas; and to phrase some friends. We are weirdo’s but we’re their weirdo’s. Lol. Michael classes himself as the Manager (Fay lets him think this is the case!). Michael is a driver for a heat treatment company daytime, and a master of quirkiness the rest of the time, in many guises. Fay recently left full time employment in Youth, Children and Community work due to health reasons, and is focusing on the Moustache and the Muse, as well of course the main priority of her health as this was the main reason for leaving full time employment.

Through this blog, we have many ideas to share, suppliers, vendors, events and craft products, so as they say variety will be the spice of life. We will revisit some previously attended events and makes, as I would love to share some with you. And follow along with new events coming up in the future. Check out the Instagram and Facebook stories for frequent photo updates, and the blogs for the main stories.

Some ideas we have for blog posts include:

  • Themed date nights, ideas to make home date nights / Film nights special. For example…

Great Gatsby Night

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Pirates of the Caribbean

  • How to get creative using planners for Events, the fun of the Happy Planning Community
  • Favourite Steampunk Influences: Including our Lord Chtulhu, inspirations from writers and where you’ll see steampunk influences in film
  • Film and book recommendations
  • Steampunk Tea Duelling, a hobby for the distinguished family
  • Themes, Bakes, Decorations and Ideas for Halloween
  • Off to the Carnyville we go!
  • Our DIY Wedding
  • Making of Fays wedding dress, and both our Costumes and Accessories
  • Saxon, Medieval & Tudor Living History and combat (photos and details of our involvement at events)
  • Kids activities and fun stuff
  • Entertaining, Window and Table decorating for the seasons and occasions.
  • Dungeons and Dragons discussions – character ideas, dice, home brew ideas, maps etc.
  • Creative Camping – Glamping on a budget
  • Places of Interest we visit
  • Photography
  • Generally our hobbies and interests

Community: The Moustache Muses

Let us know blog suggestions/requests and feel free to ask questions. We can’t promise we have the answers, but will do the best we can, or try and point you in the right direction. We can’t guarantee how often the blogs will be released as it takes a while to write them and pick the best photos, so keep an eye on social media where new blogs will be announced.

*Fay does have some Chronic Health conditions, so the business has to be flexible to meet these needs. Currently she is only working on the business part time flexible hours to meet health needs. Do not worry however, any orders placed will be aimed to be shipped out within 5-7 days. Michael supports this process such as posting where required to keep things running smoothly.

We look forward so much to sharing our journey with you, discovering and exploring new experiences and meeting new friends along the way.

We nearly forgot to introduce the 3rd member of the team… Pixiecat! I could never forget the mischievous kitty in our lives. As a colleague he is awful… sleeps on the job, whines for food, licks his butt and has smelly breath. On the plus side, he is fantastic company, cuddly, cute and a good listener lol

Please support our business, please interact and share our posts and blogs.

Above all we love you all for your support and involvement.

Keep Creative Folks