• Permanent Vinyl
  • (Should last up to 3 years)
  • Decal shall be applied to external part of the visor.
  • If Decal only purchased, it shall come with alcohol wipe and transfer instructions.

Face Shield Mask Nurse, Doctor, Midwife, Therapist, Clinician, Vinyl Decorations ideal for work and play. Vinyl decoration only or decorated face visor


Please note the face shield is NOT included unless full visor option selected.

Please contact on ordering to let me know what word you would like as can be changed i.e to Doctor, Midwife etc.

New designs: Vinyl decorations for face shields. See other posts for other designs.

Included will be the Vinyl Decal on transfer tape with instructions and alcohol prep pad. Larger designs will come in sections, so you can line them up and apply where they sit best on the shield to ensure they do no interfere with field of vision.

We can provide lots of different images, changes in names and phrases. If you have ideas you cannot see here, please ask. Logos if simple may be able to be produced. Designs for job roles, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Birthday etc.

Please let me know Name to be applied, and whether you would want the flowers or an alternative like stars as decoration.

Permanent adhesive Vinyl, Cannot be removed, so please choose something to use continually unless you have multiple face masks.

Great for Retail staff, teachers, guides, historical, re-enactment and game enthusiasts.

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